What we have been building and why

Recently, I wrote a short twitter thread on some of the exciting new features.

Recently, I wrote a short twitter thread on some of the exciting new features that we have introduced to Kiter.

Everything we do is rooted in meeting the needs of professionals in today’s job market. Kiter makes the process of keeping track of exciting job opportunities effortless, so that you can always monitor what opportunities are out there and take control of the process.

Find out when a company has posted a job

While Kiter primarily offers a repository and planning board for your opportunities, we were continually asked if there was a way for us to monitor when companies post new roles that might be a fit for the respective user.

This ask eventually evolved into our “Openings” feature. This allows Kiter to link to public job boards and instantly displays new postings with application links one click away. Importantly, this is not a feed from aggregators like LinkedIn or Indeed but directly from company websites and their job board providers. There are no duplicates, old postings, or unrelated items in the list. Everything is searchable and can be added to your board or applied to directly from Kiter.

Track interview dates and times

Dates and deadlines are a big part of any important process and this is no exception. Providing a clean view of events related to each company was something we were excited to add to Kiter. This calendar available to all accounts is a central resting place for job opportunity related events. Moving forward, we plan to add integrations into this calendar to sync with users preferred main calendar provider. Email reminders will also be integrated as we learn more about how best to include this into the overall Kiter platform.

One problem with any search is that, with so much information at hand and companies hiring for a multitude of roles, users might be stuck looking at a small slice of openings that fit their background. We are creating our “Matches” feature to overcome this and allow for a small recommendation feed to add just the right amount of extra input.

Everything on Kiter is evolving, and the more we learn how we can serve applicants in their process the more we are able to provide in the way of delightful tools fit for the task. Please reach out to the team if you found this interesting, have thoughts about how we can improve further, or just want to say hello!


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