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Kiter allows you to quickly track job apps: Keep track of information on the companies that you are applying to, interviews you have had, and contacts you're adding to your network.


"I have been waiting for someone to build this for years"


Software Engineer

"I had things written down in a spreadsheet before... but now I am actually using the information"


Product Manager


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Kiter cuts down on the time you spend managing your applications. More time to be strategic, expand your network, ask the right questions and find your next role.

We give you the perfect tool set to organize your job search including resume templates, probability analytics, and a CRM.

Track Job Opportunities

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Plot your course, even if you aren't applying yet

You can set up your Kiter board in minutes. Never lose track of an opportunity. Kiter is the best way to track applications and make your job search effective and less frustrating. Join top applicants from all over the world who are taking charge of their process.

Track open roles, links & contacts

Start adding to your command center and keep track of opportunities or applications that you are excited about.

Resume and Placement advice

All Kiter users are offered free resume editing and career placement advice for interested applicants.

Job suggestions

Using our prediction model, Kiter finds other roles similar to those you are interested in or applying for and suggests them to you.


Chrome extension to save job postings
Record interesting companies as you browse.

There are multitudes of ways to find your next opportunity. As you explore, the Kiter plug-in lets you save down opportunities without even opening up a new tab. Never miss something on the fly again or get side tracked from your search.

Save companies from anywhere

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Job Tracker

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Forget the job search spreadsheet

Track applications and companies that you want to work at. On each entry you have the option to track interviews, cold emails, resume templates and offer letters. See your trajectory outside of unorganized email threads. Stop waiting to heard back from recruiters and stay in the drivers seat.

Kiter builds a prediction model that provides estimates of your current trajectory towards getting an offer. This helpful metric can motivate you to keep looking and let you steer towards the best ways to spend your time and energy. Spend less time waiting for recruiters to respond and more time finding new opportunities.

Kiter Mobile

Wondering how the best applicants are getting ahead?

We want to save everyone time and stress but also share what's working. We build our platform around the most effective strategies that applicants can take. If you are looking for inspiration on how to maximize efficiency and results, create an account! It's that simple.

What should I be spending time on?

Effective time management is something we put at the for front of our product. With kiter you will save hours every time you are looking to keep track of your next steps and action items.

How can I use Kiter to prepare for interviews?

The best preparation for interviews starts during your search process. Take time to understand what roles and teams you are attracted to and what skill-sets you can bring to them.

Why should you track your process in the first place?

No matter where you are applying or what stage you are in, its probably neither organize nor stress free. Kiter eliminates stress and allows you to plan your next more not look for emails

How can I apply to jobs quickly with Kiter?

Kiter helps you find and save links to application pages and draft emails to send to prospective employers all in one easy to use platform.

What does it cost?

Kiter is free to use for job seekers. In the future we plan to allow employers to participate in the platform and connect with job seekers in a format that benefits both parties.

Whats the fastest way to get an offer?

All journeys start with momentum. We have a platform that can get you started and into your dream team faster than you can imagine.

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