How and WhyFlying with Kiter

Whether you are finishing up school, in need of a change, or just exploring what’s out there, the job search process isn’t always easy. Managing your applications shouldn’t make it harder.

With Kiter, effortlessly organize what you have underway. It's as simple as pinning the companies you are interested in onto a simple board. The network that you build around these interests and eventual interview color that picture. A notepad and excel might work well initially, but we want to give you a serious solution to what is a serious process.

  • Empower applicants.
  • Transform a job search from a headache to an exciting career step.
  • Build cutting edge advantages for users

You do not need any distractions and certainly no more work than you already have. We developed a tool that gives you the clarity that you seek with the smoothest possible interface.Don’t spend time formatting a spreadsheet when you have so much else to explore. With contact management, event tracking, email integration, and much more Kiter will solve problems you didn’t even realize you had!

Take back control

One of the most important elements of a career move is to dream big and rember that if you are willing to work hard, your biggest obstacle lies in effectively communicating this. Let your kite fly. Stay active and minimize the time you have to spend tracking down dates and emails. Stay active in telling your story to more people and finding great roles that match your interests. Reach out to the contacts that might be your next coworkers, and get back in the driver set. We are excited to be a part of your journey.

About Us

We are brothers teamed up to arm modern job seekers with the tools they need in an applicant driven market. We are building the operating system for job seekers and are just getting started.