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We created a simple, safe, and easy-to-use platform for managing your job search. Be the first to know about new activity at your dream company.

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Getting ghosted by recruiters is a pain. Stay one step ahead.

You can set up your Kiter board in minutes instead of waiting on recruiters to get back to you.

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Use the Kiter chrome extension to click and instantly save any opportunity or company you find on the internet, anywhere from instagram to indeed.

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Kiter builds a prediction model of your current chances of getting a job so that you know what to do next.


Powerful tools to better understand your process.

Understand the highest output activities like cold emails, tweaking your resume, or following up with recruiters. Set tasks for yourself and see curated insights based off of other applicants who have been hired at your target companies.

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Always know whats going on and what you need to do next.

Keep your game plan close at hand. Track the companies you are excited for and get notified right when they post new roles.

Instead of waiting around for an email update - research and pursue more opportunities. Track job apps in less time, anywhere you go. Get hired faster and use Kiter as your job tracker template, recruiting tool, and job search organizational platform.


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Kiter will show you where you are in your process in comparison to successful trajectories of past applicants. Organizing the job search made easy.



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Stop wasting time trying build a tracker. Kiter is faster, easier, and more productive.