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What Mongodb is looking for in applicants

The database market is massive (IDC estimates it to be $121B+ by 2025!) and MongoDB is at the head of its disruption. At MongoDB we are transforming industries and empowering developers to build amazing apps that people use every day. We are the leading modern data platform and the first database provider to IPO in over 20 years. Join our team and be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

This role is remote optional until April 4, 2022, we are looking to speak to candidates who plan to be available in London, Paris or Dublin for when we introduce our hybrid model.

This is an integral role within one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies in the world. MongoDB continues to double the size of its global sales organization and revenue, building on unparalleled execution and a rapidly growing customer base across industries and markets around the world! MongoDB, the leading modern application data platform in an $80B+ market, is helping to transform industries with outstanding, innovative applications.

The continued and proven strength of our sales execution is just as important as the quality of our products, and sets us apart from our competition. MongoDB has one of the most comprehensive and differentiating sales enablement programs in the industry! We have made a massive commitment in this area, with goals to shorten ramp time for new sellers by providing world class technical education and improving efficiency for our sales force.

Sales Enablement is delivered through the global sales organization and, as a team, reports to the CRO.  The team’s responsibilities include implementing and evolving our sales methodology, delivering relevant training programs, providing targeted coaching, optimizing sales resources, and equipping leadership with actionable insights by leveraging cutting edge analytics. Our existing programs have consistently had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the sales organization and the company as a whole. They are frequently cited as the best our sales professionals have seen in their careers.

MongoDB is a deeply technical sale.  To be successful, new sellers need to master highly technical and complex technology concepts.  The Sales Enablement Manager (EMEA), who reports to the EMEA Director of Sales Enablement, is a featured part of the team built to strategically train our sales force from early onboarding through their “ramp” period, and then keep sellers trained and educated as MongoDB grows its world class application data platform.  The Sales Enablement Manager will drive performance through instructed learning and must be able to deftly field discussions at a business level or technical level, as  appropriate. 

Specifically, the Sales Enablement Manager will:

  • Be responsible for supporting and owning the early technical ramp for new sellers. The Sales Enablement Manager will be responsible for teaching, facilitating, and coaching new sales reps to not only internalise the capabilities of the MongoDB application data platform but also how to apply that knowledge to become highly effective in uncovering new opportunities within their accounts
  • Train sellers to articulate the value proposition of outsourcing database management, and be responsible for aligning this training to our world-class sales methodology and database as a service, MongoDB Atlas
  • Be responsible for supporting and owning the ongoing development of seller’s technical literacy throughout the seller’s ramp as they progress through Intermediate Sales Training and Advanced Sales Training. MongoDB’s application data platform has broad applicability to multiple industries and use cases, therefore technical literacy in the ecosystems that MongoDB operates in is crucial for successful business and technical discovery
    • The Sales Enablement Manager will be responsible for teaching, facilitating, and coaching sales reps to grow their technical knowledge in areas such as data movement, analytics, data warehouses, data lakes, microservices, DevOps, event driven architectures in order to drive more effective and efficient discovery
  • Utilize personal stories of when they were interacting with our customers. They will need to share how customers commonly articulate their technical needs then explain how to map what the customer is saying to how our product solves their problems better than any other. For this, they will need to develop deep customer experience and deep product knowledge
  • Act as a “force multiplier”.  Viewed internally as a MongoDB expert and champion, the Sales Enablement Manager will work closely with other teams within MongoDB (Product Marketing, Product Development, Technical Sales, Security, etc.), and work with them as they bring new features and products to market to educate-and-train sellers on  how to internalize and incorporate these respective new features/products/services into their sales  process.  The Sales Enablement Manager will leverage their own expertise training  our sellers to coach their respective business partners to build-and-deliver their own highly focused training(s) for sellers
  • Facilitate EMEA-wide and global in-person, virtual and virtual reality training with domain expertise and passion
  • Own the development of content that makes complex technical concepts easy to understand
  • Provide subject matter expertise to the field through both eLearning, remote learning,  and in-person sessions
  • Develop-and-master working knowledge of platform-specific capabilities, including advanced search capabilities (based on Lucene/Elastic), mobile application development and sync/conflict resolution strategies keeping pace with product developments and innovations in our application data platform

In your first 60 days, you will 

  • Familiarize yourself with our business model, organizational structure and sales collateral
  • Attend new hire sales training to learn about MongoDB’s technology, what we sell and how we sell
  • Gain proficiency with our sales enablement tools (Chorus, Highspot, MindTickle) and content development process
  • Shadow a key in-person or virtual training, and support the facilitation of ~25% of the delivery

Within 120 Days, you will

  • Attend new hire technical bootcamps to dive deep into our technology, fully understanding the value proposition
  • Be a major contributor to content development for a net new training (eLearning or in-person)
  • Collaborate with the sales organization, developing key relationships to drive additional learning
  • Be a key facilitator of our core sales enablement solutions (e.g., New Hire Training, Intermediate Sales Training and Advanced Sales Training)
  • Support the facilitation of EMEA Sales Bootcamp and EMEA Intermediate Sales Training and Advanced Sales Training

As you grow, you will

  • Identify opportunities for content and facilitation optimizations, and feel confident to present your suggestions
  • Design and build content for and execute on customized enablement programs
  • Be a critical member of the Sales Enablement team, with a deep understanding of our product offerings, growth opportunities and our culture and values
  • Be known as a Subject Matter Expert in our technology at MongoDB and how articulate value it provides to our customers

The ideal candidate will have

  • 2+ years of customer facing experience in a technical sales, pre-sales or sales role
  • experience training sellers of various levels of seniority both in-person and remotely via Zoom or similar technology
  • a high degree of confidence and poise when presenting to a sales audience and executives - the ability to see the ‘big picture’ when facilitating and leading a room
  • a BA/BS in communications, computer science or similar
  • a track record of developing impactful content with a focus on knowledge retention
  • a self-starter mentality with a high degree of follow through -  can own and take tasks through to completion
  • interpersonal skills that enable critical networking inside the company, to create relationships and source input
  • willingness to travel up to 30% of their time

Preference will be given to candidates that have

  • an expert understanding of modern distributed databases, with heavy preference given toward candidates with specific experience selling or using the document/JSON data model
  • knowledge of advanced querying and analytical concepts, structured vs. unstructured data, database indexing, scaling modern distributed databases via shard key(s), advanced working knowledge of replication and high availability, analytical vs. operational application workloads, information security (authorization, authentication, encryption, and auditing), and the many other database and MongoDB-specific concepts that are critical “need to learn” by our new sales hires
  • a working understanding of the relational data model, familiarity with data normalization, Structured Query Language (SQL) and joins, middleware/object relational mapper (ORM) and the challenges an RDBMS poses to modern application development

To drive the personal growth and business impact of our employees, we’re committed to developing a supportive and enriching culture for everyone. From employee affinity groups, to fertility assistance and a generous parental leave policy, we value our employees’ wellbeing and want to support them along every step of their professional and personal journeys. Learn more about what it’s like to work at MongoDB, and help us make an impact on the world!

MongoDB is committed to providing any necessary accommodations for individuals with disabilities within our application and interview process. To request an accommodation due to a disability, please inform your recruiter.

MongoDB is an equal opportunities employer.

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