Job search by the numbers

Today’s applicants apply to dozens of jobs before finding a fit.

Finding your next dream role takes time. And it should. You do not want to risk jumping into the wrong team, nor do companies want to risk hiring the wrong person. Both of these forces conspire today into a system where applicants are applying to upwards of 100 jobs and companies receive thousands or resumes for each position. Companies have plenty of tools. Kiter is your tool as an applicant.

Job search sankey diagram

To put in perspective the odd at work for even the best applicants, we introduced our offer probability visualizer that lets you know your odds for companies you have not heard back from in days or weeks. This is meant to be encouraging to keep the process going as there are nearly infinite great teams out there doing great things. To visualize some of the numbers behind this calculation we put together the following chart. This flow may look pessimistic or alarming, but it captures a rough view of what an average applicant applying online outside of a referral process might face.

We built Kiter with exactly these numbers in mind. Applicants can jump forward in the funnel by a network referral or a well placed cold email. Kiter seeks to make this easier with template, reminders and a place to plan out communications.

To manage the sheer numbers involved with a process like this, Kiter lets you track notes in a few clicks and save emails that you might want to reference later should a recruiter get back in touch.

Even if you are not actively applying, it is always a good idea to keep track of companies you are excited about so that you have a great starting place in the future should you choose to make a move. If you have any questions, or need help exploring your Kiter account fully, reach out!

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