Show open roles to candidates who are already applying to similar jobs.

Kiter is the tool top job applicants use to identify, track and manage opportunities and interviews. Hiring managers will soon be able to use Kiter to put openings in front of the highest-potential candidates and only pay for conversions.

Efficient and Repeatable

Provide graduates a framework to work towards an offer

Track each candidate’s progress and keep track of their journey towards an offer. Recommend roles and resources. Lean in to the important steps taken towards landing an offer.

Track, find and apply

Job seekers receive a full suite of tools to track, find and apply for jobs. They will have one organized command center to craft emails, manage resumes, and track deadlines.

Transparent Pricing

Outcome oriented pricing structured to grow with you. Only pay for what you need. No hidden fees or hidden costs.

Self Serve

Open up a dashboard to manage and communicate with your applicants. Track the key metrics for each cohort as they move towards an offer.

Lieklihood Scoring

Monitor the likelihood of each applicants journey toward an offer to reach out and offer help at the right time and improve outcomes for everyone.

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