5 Great Tools to Edit Your Resume

Your resume is often the first and last thing recruiters see – make it count

At the end of the day most employers will look at one document when deciding whether to send you a rejection email or move you into the next pile and that is your resume. The resume is our entire professional (and often personal) life summarized in one page.

With all of that riding on one document it is no wonder people stress about their resume. So here are some tips and services for you to use to make sure your resume is showcasing the best parts of you.

1) Start with a template – There are fantastic templates available (beyond the vanilla Microsoft Word options) including Harvard Business School’s template available here.

2.) Plan before filling it in – Think about what you are trying to convey to the employer. If it is a technical role focus more on your technical projects than you would for say a finance or business role.

3.) Review it – You should never edit a resume then send it off. Plan ahead so you can ask friends and family to look it over before you submit it. You don’t need to be updating it constantly so you can allow for more reviewing upfront.

Some services to help you

Here is a list of good tools to help you build your resume as well as some paid options if you are short on time and okay to shell out some money. We are also always happy to help any users with their resume review. Just email mail@kiter.app with “Resume review” in the subject.

  1. Resume.io
  2. Job Stars
  3. The Balance
  4. Zety
  5. Top Resume

What is important to remember, however, is that your resume is supposed to represent you and your accomplishments. Therefore, often the most helpful people to review are those closest to you who know you and can help you highlight all the best aspects of why you are right for the job!

Often you only get one shot at a first impression, make it be the best possible version by having an up-to-date, professional resume. If you have any questions or want our help, please feel free to email us at mail@kiter.app.

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