Senior Software Engineer

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What Monograph is looking for in applicants
Not sure if the level in this job accurately describes you? Don’t hesitate to apply. We believe folks with all sorts of backgrounds and levels of experience can make great teammates!

Look around you today, every wall, window, door, and roof was made possible by the coordination of architects and a team of professionals. They are charged with the responsibility of creating our shelters and yet, they are left with nothing more than Excel to manage their work. Let's change that!
What is Monograph?
Monograph was founded by a team of ex-architects. Monograph is modernizing design professionals’ back office with a beautiful, data-driven platform to help them manage, plan and grow their companies. Our mission is to let architects get back to doing what they love and do best—design—not finance, management or Excel.
Why work at Monograph?
People first: Core to the team, we believe in people first, curiosity, and empathy. You'll be our ambassador and deploy your genuine value for relationships to drive success and happiness.
Build a company that will redefine architecture: Project management is just the beginning...we have big ambitions to help facilitate the entire design process from becoming the document source of truth to coordinating with consultants. You can shape the future of building design.
Work with some of the best product people in the world: We’re an innovative team of highly productive individual contributors with a strong design background. You will be doing some of the best work of your life.

On any given day as a Senior Software Engineer at Monograph, you might get to…

  • Spend time learning about the industry we serve. A significant portion of our team have worked in architecture or architecture-adjacent industries, so there’s a wealth of knowledge on tap!
  • Seek or provide technical mentorship from a teammate.
  • Work with your product and engineering peers to scope, deliver, test, and maintain product features that delight our customers.
  • Estimate project work, to set or reset expectations with your teammates.
  • Spend time 1:1 with your manager or other Monograph leadership, sharing about your experience here and working together to help you reach your growth goals.
  • Contribute to decision-making through our RFC process. We use RFCs to collaborate on many process or technical decisions.
  • Perform compassionate code reviews, seeking opportunities to learn and teach while doing so.
  • Track down and fix pesky bugs. We’re not perfect, but we’re getting better every day! 
  • Collaborate closely with customer-facing teams to ensure our users continue to love our product.
  • Write and ship code in our TypeScript / React / Next.js and Ruby / Rails applications. We value willingness to stretch into the less-comfortable places as a growth opportunity, so while it’s OK if you lean primarily toward frontend or backend code, you’ll undoubtedly be writing both Ruby and TypeScript in your work.
  • Contribute to our engineering culture by giving a presentation, sharing something you read, or engaging with your coworkers on Slack or in meetings.
  • Spend time with your teammates, whether in a pairing session, a show-and-tell meeting, or regular team syncs.
  • Share your weekly goals with your teammates, and review their goals with an eye toward how we can assist one another in reaching them together!
  • Occasionally travel to team offsites for real face-to-face interaction (we’re starting to remember what that feels like!)

Some things that will help you do your best work in this role include…

  • Exposure to a range of problem domains, programming languages, and frameworks, and familiarity with patterns that are idiomatic to them. We value diverse perspectives, and the depth and breadth of your experience will provide unique insights to the problems we solve each day!
  • Bringing a people-focused approach to your work. How will your work impact our customers? How will it impact your coworkers? These are front-of-mind for you when you consider the ever-present tradeoffs in building software.
  • Being curious. You’ll be learning along with your teammates in this role, and we’ll be navigating through ambiguity together. Your first response when faced with something that doesn’t make sense isn’t “that seems wrong,” but “I wonder why it’s that way?”
  • Having intention about the desired outcome before undertaking your work. You bring your intuition and knowledge to bear on the problem, seeking counsel and changing course when warranted to keep you steadily moving toward that intended goal.
  • Willingness to do the hard thing, whether it’s having a difficult conversation with a coworker, or stretching into the discomfort at the edges of your experience and knowledge.
  • Finding the opportunities for enjoyment in new challenges, and making space for silliness now and again. You’ve learned how to make work fun for yourself and those around you.
  • Recognizing the areas of excellence that your own background and experience brings to the team and seeking opportunities to own work that overlaps with them, then stretches them. You’re keenly aware that you have things to teach and things to learn in this role.

Ready to apply?

Great! We aim for transparency in our process, so here’s what to expect next:

  1. After reviewing your resume and cover letter, a member of our team will reach out to schedule a quick chat. We’ll discuss the role with you and work to understand your motivations to determine which team or teams might most benefit from your skills. In this and every other interview, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know us.
  2. You’ll have a video call with the hiring manager to discuss your background and experience, and learn about how you like to work with your teammates.
  3. You’ll receive a (paid!) take-home skills exercise. Expect it to take about 2 to 3 hours of focused effort. (If your schedule or situation doesn’t allow for a take-home exercise and you’d prefer to do something in a pairing session, we can accommodate this as well)
  4. You’ll spend about 45 minutes with a future teammate to discuss the tradeoffs you made in your approach to the exercise.
  5. You’ll have a 30 minute call with our Head of Engineering, who’ll ask for your feedback about the interview process and answer any remaining questions you might have about Monograph or the role.
  6. Then, we’ll reach out to discuss when you can start!

We hope you’ll find the process of getting to know each other enjoyable, and can’t wait to meet you!



You'll Love Our Benefits
🚀 4-day work week (we have Wednesdays off!)
🌡 Health, dental & vision for employees and dependents
🖥 New laptop/equipment of your choice
🏋🏻‍♀️ Wellness Stipend
🎭 Innovative engineering and product culture
💰 Early-stage well-funded company
❤️ Inclusion and diversity as a company priority 
Is this role only full-time? Can I work remotely?
Yes, this role is a full-time role. We are a remote-first company.
What is the company culture like?
Our amazing friend Lynne interviewed us—read about it on her website Key Values.
Our CEO's thought on culture—read about it on Fast Company.
What efforts are you making in terms of increasing diversity & inclusion within your company?
With two minority founders and a new parent founder, we're focused on having a welcoming environment for all backgrounds and experiences. We actively source candidates from non-traditional backgrounds knowing that diversity in thought and education ultimately results in a better company. We also have solid work-life balance, knowing that there's a lot more in your life than just your job.

Want some tips on how to get an interview at Monograph?

What is Monograph looking for?
If this role looks interesting to you, a great first step is to understand what excites you about the team, product or mission. Take your time thinking about this and then tell the team! Get in touch and communicate that passion.
What are interviews for Senior Software Engineer like?
Interview processes vary by company, role and team. The best plan is to see what others have experienced and then plan accordingly.
How to land an interview at Senior Software Engineer?
A great first step is organizing your path to an offer. Check out Kiter for tools to get started!