Staff Software Engineer, Query (EMEA)

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What Mongodb is looking for in applicants

Join the MongoDB Server Query team, and help us build a world-class open source query engine. This team is responsible for the core query optimization and query execution functionality in the database server, as well as MongoDB’s geospatial search, text search engine, and update subsystems.

We’re working on improving the system in a number of interesting ways, including evolving the MongoDB query language, making plan selection more robust, optimizing query execution across nodes in a distributed setting, and developing techniques to optimize queries for analytical or business intelligence workloads.

Our global team is growing fast. In North America, we have presence across the US and Canada including New York, West Coast, Toronto. In Europe, we have a presence in Dublin, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK and Bulgaria currently. We support office-based and remote work, and align projects with convenient work hours for each time-zone.

Candidate Profile

  • Hands-on experience building industrial-strength software
  • Coding in C, C++ or similar
  • Solid computer science fundamentals, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design/architecture
  • Experience with large code bases
  • Interest in the theory and practice of database query engines. Hands-on experience in the domain is a plus
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science
  • Candidates with an M.Sc. or Ph.D in a domain related to query execution or optimization who are strong coders may be considered without experience building industrial-strength software

Position Expectations

  • Understand and improve current functionality of the MongoDB query engine
  • Identify, design, implement, test, and support new features related to query performance and robustness, query language enhancements, diagnostics for query performance problems, and integration with our business intelligence tooling
  • Work with other engineers to coordinate seamless changes in a feature-rich, large code base
  • Work with client drivers, cloud services, support, consulting, training, and marketing teams to coordinate changes

What is in it for you

  • Generous compensation package (top-range salary: we pay in the top 95% percentile and our package includes equity and generous benefits)
  • You'll be joining a team that is diverse (no 2 people are from the same country) and highly collaborative.
  • Opportunities to learn on the job (time to up-skill in new technologies)
  • High level of independence in your day to day work

Success Measures

  • In three months you’ll have contributed to the development of a project slated for the next major version, as well as fixed a few bugs in a minor version of our latest stable release series
  • In six months, you’ll have taken on code review responsibilities and are involved in reviewing the design for new features
  • In twelve months, you’re leading the development of a new major feature and are helping to mentor new engineers on the team

*MongoDB is an equal opportunities employer*

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What is Mongodb looking for?
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